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Thread: Digital Diary

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    I remember a match I fished on the Severn a few years ago and with ten mins to go, only one fish had been caught, a 6lb barbel three pegs below me.
    In desperation, i bit off my hooklength and tied on a 14 with a pinch of bread tight in the side after a single chub or roach that would get me second place.
    seconds later I was into a 7lb barbel that won me the match.
    My standard approach at Ironbridge early season is breadflake which has accounted for plenty of barbel over the years, plus some good sized roach.
    I always find that as winter approaches and I start my chub campaign on the Dove using flake and mash, I always get a few barbel.
    I also had three pike takes last week with Stu Johnson on trotted flake on the Sow.......

    A good allround and underused bait in this era.

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    The bread will be out on the Wye this weekend. And I don't mind if a barbel picks it up. I haven't caught a barbel on bread before, mainly because I don't generally chub fish where there are barbel present as well. I might give it a go on the Teme and see what happens as I generally try to avoid the chub there.

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Must be one of the most underrated baits.
    It can be presented as paste, flake, punch, crust etc and can be flavoured and coloured.
    If I had to choose to fish with one bait, bread would definately be my choice.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I've caught barbs on the lower Severn whilst trying to target the big chub that live there.....but i can only catch the chub when barbel fishing!!.....definatly a very under rated barbel bait.......doesn't bread have a very high salt content? is this relavent?

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