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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    December's Angling Star carries not only the photograph but a write up as well of Ron's recent 10-12-0 barbel.

    Caught on hair rigged bait and Fox series 2 carp hooks, Ron is well and truly in the 21 st Century now....well done you old codger.....

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    Ron Clay Guest


    How is it you get the AS long before it's in the shops around here.

    By the way don't talk too much about how it was caught. I'll have the barbel police knocking on my doorstep.

    I have caught lots of South African Barbus species bigger than that. What pleased me most about that fish was it's superb condition and the fact that it was caught in the King of English barbel rivers, the Trent.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Nice one Ron.

    Glad to see you're not a Luddite.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I never was Rik, but it's fun to wind people up occasionally.

    I have spent a great deal of my time reading about how they fished many years ago. The Trent Otter and Others were great innovators. They didn't moan and long for the old days of horsehair, brass winches and wooden rods when split cane and better materials became available. They took to these innovations with great enthusiasm.

    If you could do a time warp and go back 100 years and give old Martin a Carbon rod, he would chuck his cane stuff on the nearest fire!!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Nice one Ron...

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    Andy Davis Guest


    Well done Ron, sounds like an excellent fish, any chance of a picture of it ?

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    peter webber Guest


    Congrat's Ron.


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    Ron Clay Guest


    I will send Graham a picture next week. In fortunately I have a very light wallet at the moment so I cannot afford a digital camera and have to rely on my old Nikon F50 and Boots.

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Ive seen watches with built in digi cameras but not boots......still, nothing surprises me.

    well done Ron you old dog....peg 34.....?

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    Peter Morton Guest


    Congratulations Ron,nice to see you reaping the rewards that your faith in the Trent deserves.

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