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Thread: cheap pellets

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    Default cheap pellets

    in my new local tackle shop they sell big bags - 3kg (I think) of "no name" pellets for £6 - 1 kg of named ie Dynamite pellets is £3 or £4

    then fish a good pelltet on the hook

    I'm tempted to buy a bag as feed pellets at that price - has anyone tried this
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    Default Re: cheap pellets

    Yes £2 per kilo is a reasonable price for such a small quantity of pellets but are the two sorts of pellets the same type?
    Are you not looking at unbranded (probably Skrettings)low oil carp/coarse pellets and comparing them to Dynamite Baits halibut pellets?

    Regards using the cheaper unbranded pellets as feed pellets and branded ones on the hook. Its difficult to answer without knowing the type/size of pellets you are buying and your target species, plus the type of water you're targeting them on: Barbel - river, Bream - gravel pit, Carp - commercial etc
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    Default Re: cheap pellets

    We buy good quality fishmeal pellets Paul (4/6/8mm) at £28 per 25 kilo sack from a local wholesaler.
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
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    Default Re: cheap pellets

    I use skrettings coarse pellets (£30 for 25kg) for loose feed and on the hair. I used to loose feed the skrettings and use a halibut pellet for bait but found it didn't make any difference so I don't bother with the halibut pellet any more.

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