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Thread: Warm Westerlys.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    At last after weeks of poor fishing forecasts and conditions the warm Westerly winds have arrived.
    last weekend the wind speed was approx 8 mph. This put a decent chop on the water, but it was barely enough to stir things up properly and it was cold.

    This weekend we have got wind speeds between 11 and 22 mph and good cloud cover. And thanks to the wind direction it is warm. Plus the air pressure is dropping.
    Has anybody got that feel good factor? I have.

    How will this affect your fishing?

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Get them thermoclines rolling.

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    EC Guest


    I hope it wil be the green light to get down to a beach and fish for bass over/after the weekend!

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