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    Hi folks, I'm after a bit of clarity here, if anyone can help.

    Why has the Arnold Kingpin been taken out of production, I recall hearing that there was a separating of ways somewhere along the line within the business and I have a friend who is desperate for the mark 1 or 2 Arnold (new) Any clues folks?

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    still being made ,they just changed a few things too apeal too the north american market ,they're still made by kw engineering i beleave ,but run as a seperate buisness ,they dropped the arnold name ,sometime ago and the design of the reels has changed (seem too change styles ,quite often) but still great reels ,and still able too service older models .

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    Thanks for that chavender. I have had an Arnold for about 18 years now. My mate has really fallen for it, yet doesn't want to buy second hand. I think he'll get in touch with them to discuss his options.
    Thanks again.

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    I thought that KW Engineering of Poole bought the designs from Arnold Engineering of Ferndown, recognising the potential on the USA market. The Arnold reels were well made (I've got two) but the new ones are better, and much more expensive.

    Some other local reels are similar to the original Arnold, might be worth contacting Ringwood Tackle regarding their Swallow Reel.

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    Jack Spratt, yes, that's along the lines of what I heard. Thanks.

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