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Thread: i-pod news

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    Ok Cakey, in i-tunes you can disable tha automatic update feature under the i-pod options, unfortunately it seems the pod has to be connected before it gives you the options.

    Edit > Preferences > i-pod > Manually manage songs and playlists.

    You can the access the i-pod through 'my computer' as a removable hard drive device and copy the songs back. You will need to set your PC to show hidden folders first.

    My computer > Your i-pod > 'Tools' list from the toolbar > Folder options > View > Show hidden files and folders > click 'ok'

    You should now see the folder called 'i-pod_control' > Music > one or more folders containing you songs.

    Just drag and drop them back onto the PC where you want them.

    Hope that's not too patronising but I didn't know how much you already know about PC's so I tried to make it all inclusive.

    If you have to connect the i-pod before it gives the i-pod options in i-tunes you should be able to choose the manual update option before it possibly wipes any songs off.

    If i-tunes has no songs in it anymore and none of the playlists that are on the pod it may not wipe any anyhow.
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    ok cheers mate I will give it a go

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