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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    Very quick to tell you it's their bush you are fishing to, or that's my line you are fishing on. But not so quick at telling you that you have too many fish in your net (despite the knowing whispering).

    Match fishing comradship at its best. I'd tell them where to shove it, and suspect you might do the same.
    I can already hear the cries of you should have read the rules.

    Even with the weights of fish that were caught, their is no way I could be tempted to fish with such money grabbing morons. I can just see their smarmy looking faces right now. Oh yes , and how carefull they are at slipping fish into their keepnet without anybody else seeing them.

    It brings it all flooding back. Counting their little coins out from their little leather purses.

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    Ian Cloke Guest


    What's up Baz?? Has a matchman started fishing on one of your waters mate?

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    Danny Lancaster Guest


    Looking for a wrap around yourself there Baz?

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    Neil ,speaking from all the vast experience one win in 20 years of fishing club matches brings,I am not sure you have the methodical, single minded approach necessary to suceed in the cut throat world of match angling. Such disorganisation of your kit is the kind of thing I might do on one of our outings so, whisper it quietly, commercials.
    Our club contests, between around 30 anglers are a bit of laugh, more about the camaraderie than who wins-and thats the way I like it.
    I dont know what venue you were fishing but the size and quantity of fish caught is both mindblowing and morally questionable. I've never ever filled two keep nets in a match and the idea of filling nine (where the hell do you position nine nets and fish the margin to your left?)seems too ridiculous for words.
    Though not suggesting catching 1lbs 12 ozs of roach from a canal would be more satisfying, when someone can amass a weight as big as 400lbs plus during a match you have to question the morality of stocking waters to that level.

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    Danny Lancaster Guest


    Lets not forget that this was a "high stakes" match also. As Peter says, the local 20-30 peg knock ups are much more informal affairs. More of a get together than mega-serious comps.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    If money is involved there is no sutch thing as a friendly match. I have seen the knives come out all for the sake of a 5 win.

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    Apr 2005


    Neil, did you say he was a mate?

    "Pools Fodder" springs to mind.

    You need to work on the "sink the tip and scoop method" it's fast and very quiet!

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    Terry D Guest


    I'm with Baz on this. Money at stake then all's fair in love and war and the only crime is getting caught. You'll soon find out who your mates are.

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    Ged Guest


    How much does nine keepnets cost?
    remember, they have to meet new standards for fish safty.
    Also, what happend to the rule of no fish over 2lb to be kept in keepnets?

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    How do the films put it? "The story is based on true life events. However, names, places, etc etc have been changed to protect the innocent (guilty)"

    My tale is almost true!

    I used to be a "severe" matchman (Mark W. will probably concur I was a right pain in the arse). Matches were my reason to fish: club, open, winter league and national. I also somehow got involved as secretary and captain for our "works" team (Barclays Bank - trying to organise a national team spread across the entire country was not easy - our results proved it!). I chucked it all in 1988.

    The weights now achieved on some commercials are immense. Gold Valley regularly produces 200lb+ and Willinghurst regularly 300lb+. When I worked at GV, 2 years ago, I weighed in a lot of matches, the biggest weight was 278lb in 4 hours (56 carp - you do the maths!).

    GV's maximum is now 80lb in a net (could be 11/12 fish or less) with silver fish in a separate net. They also have their own stock of keepnets for matchmens use. I have seen up to 8 nets in use at any one time.

    Peter, my match "career" was very similar to yours!

    Steve, try that with a 12lb common! Will Raison can do it, I can't!

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