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Thread: Forum Behaviour

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    Default Forum Behaviour

    Can we please desist from personal name calling and insult.

    I have closed a thread because of it.

    Debate and disagreement is not a problem, descending to the personal insult is.

    Long standing members will be aware of major flare-ups in the past which have led to the loss/disappearance/inactivity of respected posters because it descended to the personal.

    I am aware of other fora that seem to have no qualms about the level of personal opprobrium thrown around. If that is what you want please feel free to visit/join them...Fishing Magic forums may not be for you.

    There has been a lot of time, effort, money put in to FM by the owner in order to develop it over the last few months. Successfully in most folks views. Don't spoil it.
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    He is every other inch a gentleman.

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