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    Ive made me mind up, all lads wearing jeans and T shirts, (really bright coloured T shirts) should be banned from all fisheries,There is nothing more disturbing than seeing some bloke dressed in bright colours and jeans whilst fishing.It should be either CAMO CLOATHING OR proper fishing clobber i.e bib and brace, green trousers and other related angling wear.There is no excuse now a days, there are some great items of clothing you can buy to fish in.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Have you seen how most american anglers dress..?

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    What Chris in them padded checked shirts? or looking like Rambo and his mates playing war games? that yanks for you though,

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    Unless your are fishing a gin clear swim on a bright summers day what the hell does it matter what you are wearing?
    Richard, do you think fish have watched Trinny and Susanah on "What not to wear?" Are fish followers of fishing fashion trends?
    Have we all got to look the part as well! Has anyone got any proof-other than the size of Matt Hayes's bank balance-that TF Camo gear puts more fish on the bank? When you fish at 80 yards range anyway you could wear a pink sarong, a fluorescent turbon and a pair of gold stacked boots like Elton John used to wear and still not spook em.
    Its all *******s. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) aka Fester Guest


    But keep well away from my swim in your brightly coloured clothes. Do what you want to in your own swim but not mine thank you very much.

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    "you could wear a pink sarong, a fluorescent turbon and a pair of gold stacked boots like Elton John used to wear and still not spook em."

    Ought to be standard garb for flooded rivers - much easier for the rescue helicopter crews to spot. As long as the boots have good, cleated soles, of course.

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    The Monk Guest


    yes quite right too, camo all the time for me, even me underpants

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    Come on Peter you no you want to stop wearing all that pink puffy stuff and switch to camo,i did'nt no Elton John was a keen angler, i bet he is a long pole man?

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    I'd be willing to bet that the majority of British record fish were caught before cammo gear became 'fashionable'.

    If it's sooooo cool I presume you'll be investing in some urban camouflage trousers and maybe one of those jackets in cammo orange for nights out on the town then?
    I believe in reintarnation - I'll come back to life as a hillbilly.

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    I must agree with Peter...what does it matter what you wear unless you are on a clear swim...ok I wouldn't wear bright pink or neon colour T-Shirts at anytime anyway but when fishing the canal I wear jeans and an earthy coloured T-shirt and I have never blanked there yet...Alot of the cammo clothing on the market is really not needed...I think it's all money making....I bought a camo Thermal suit for 20, pourly for the reason to keep me warm on colder days.

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