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    Azide the Stour


    We can always go back to rods poles or perch...

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    Jaffa Guest


    Out fishing Les, more time now the Winter is coming.

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    The brewery business work in multiples of 9!! 9 Gallons = Firkin, 18 = Kiln, etc etc. God help the EU if they try and change that.

    As Mark says, parts of our sport are already "metric" but other parts are not. I think it is a generation thing but like the Pound Sterling, there are plenty of people, young and old, ready to tell "Brussells" where to go!

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    Time will tell, no point getting excited.

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    If it does change it wont happen for a generation. Old farts like me will still think in both mediums, and do a quick conversion.
    Funnily enough we seem content to accept measurement in millimetres and metres but when referring to the human frame (or fish) we are still 6ft 2 ins tall, 15 stone 10 lbs in weight! Whats more my car does 28 miles to the gallon.
    Yet my pole measures 14m , my line is 0.12, and I put in 2kg of groundbait in my swim, but then follow it with a pint of casters and a pint of hemp!
    Old habits die hard and the change will only be fully implemented when my generation of mid fifties kicks the bucket to leave all the metric thinkers running the show.
    Wonder what they will make of the record books in 20 years time. How big is a 4lbs 9 ozs roach Grandad?

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    Poles may be measured in metres, but most rod lengths are still given in feet.

    I find it much easier to visualise depths, weights and quantities in imperial measurements - ( although litres of beer sound appealing )

    A fishing report of a nice net of roach saying, " and I ended with a net full of red finned beauties, ranging from 4 - 12 oz" just sound so much better than " and I ended with a net full of red finned beauties, ranging from 100 - 300grams".

    So no, I'm not in favour of being forced into doing away with imperial measurement.

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    Phil Heaton Guest


    If the ruling is from Brussels ****** what its about........we don't want it.
    The French would have riots in the street if brussels told then the new units of measurement would be pounds and ounces and get away with it by the way.
    There is nothing wrong with us, the British keeping our identity or is that no longer politically correct along with waving a Union Jack or heaven forbid aSt. Georges cross

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    It's just the Huns and the garlic munchers snidely doing us over through the back door - cos they never managed it on the field of battle! Sorry if that offends anyone, but I'm a student of military history and think we should never forget the sacrifices future generations made to beat back Europe's other great powers.
    The EU is a slow rot eating away at British-ness. If, in a few year's time, I can't buy scales that read in pounds and ounces I'll just get some bespoke ones made by a traditionalist who's willing to break Europe's naff rules!!!
    Fish are weighed in lb, oz and dr - and they always will be! See the EU try and force AT into reporting weights in Metric... comedy!

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    kicking and screaming

    2lb roach
    3lb perch
    30lb catfish, carp, pike.
    6lb chub
    10lb barbel
    2oz gudgeon
    3lb grayling
    5lb eel
    10lb tench

    It will Always be that way for me in England

    (salutes and sings land of hope and glory)

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    Bill Cox Guest


    somehow catching a 13.6 kilogram Carp won't have the same feel to it. SAVE OUR LB tell brussels to stuff the Kg where it will do most damage.

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