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    Now the camo wearers have had their say and claim they are not followers of fashion,merely anglers wanting to blend into their environment, in warm comfortable clothing.
    So what about the camo coloured Bivvy bedchair, the four legged camo table, the camo sleeping bag, the camo flask, lantern and cooker?
    How many of you have ditched perfectly serviceable equipment because it didnt colour co ordinate with your camo holdall and rod quiver?
    Tell me now the manufacturers,like TF Gear, are not taking the ****. Their next rouse will be all white stuff for winter or autumnal colours for October.

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    little sister ( Jeff ) Guest


    They can only sell it if the people want it.

    camo mug + spoon.
    Now were did I put that spoon

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    What is the point of green camo pattern clothing in winter?

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    The point of camo pillowcases and such is so carpers can "Guest", i.e. poach fisheries where they've no right to be. It is camouflage against the owner, not the carp.

    Ownership is, arguably, an admission of guilt or intent.

    Which may mean that furnishing such goods is illegal...

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    i know someone who bought an expensive camo torch, and lost it in the grass.....

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    The seasonal camo' gear is already available in the USA.

    When we lived in Houston there was an amazing fishing, shooting and hunting superstore quite close. Inside you could chose between; Summer, Autumn and Winter camo' clothing. I have to say that I never saw 'seasonal' accessories though.

    Not only was this the largest tackle shop I have ever seen anywhere in the world, but it even had an enormous glass-sided pool in the middle of the store full of quite decent sized Bass of all descriptions. (conveniently close to the wall-full of Lures. I have to say)

    Every hour, on the hour at the weekends the "Resident Angling Pro" (yes, you read it right, the store had its own Professional Angler) would appear with a couple of short baitcasting rods and proceed to show the crowd the "pulling power" of this or that Lure. He would cast into the pool and demonstrate how "easily" these lures caught the bass. Typically the lures had the trebles removed.

    At the end of the alloted 20 minutes demonstration the crowd would literally denude the shelves of every lure that Mr. Pro had been using! And, if he had been wearing a different camo jacket, then those racks too would be instantly stripped bare by the hoardes in their eagerness to spend their hard earned readies.

    Amazing, bl00dy amazing!

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    I agree with you Peter, what is the point in having camo bivvy, sleeping bag ect, if you see a lot of bivies together like at bivvy city ( a lake near where i live) you would be amazed how much a camo bivvy sticks out from a green one.The first time i saw one from the far bank i was amazed in the difference,the green one's where far better on the eye.The problem is when you buy anything you like to have things that match,i.e chair,table,luggage but thats as far as i would go,its green bivvy and green sleeping bag for me and a crochered cover what me 95 year old Grandma did for me, they are brill,they keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

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    Oh God no. My Father,bless him, always maintained that what happens in America become the norm here five to ten years later. Imagine the winter ,spring and autumn camo colours hitting the shops, which might have their own carp hole smack in the middle of the shop. On the hour Bob Nudd appears in Browning gear and a white camo winter cap using lures to make sure there is no jack pike, and then fishes pellet for the swimming pasties!!!

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    Peter, I agree about the "shop". Probably a "Bass Pro" outlet. I recently shopped in one in Tennessee. Amazing array of all things outdoors. Kept going back and spending money!

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    Neil, I have couple of Bass pro T shirts my daughter bought in the US (They do 'em in fat barsteward size!)which I wear during the summer. Oh and by the way ,reference your match fishing return thread, did you see who got disqualified at Gold Valley last week for having one too many fish in his net.....Keith Arthur. You are in Good company!!
    Richard,lets all be green with envy on the bank, it traditional, it blends in and its not making Matt Hayes any richer!!

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