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Thread: Bargains

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    Hiya everyone been out to a few second hand shops this week looking for some bargains and boy oh boy i got some i don't know if they are all bargains but for me just setting up i am chuffed to bits with em ok heres what i got
    shakespeare bait runner 2 spools and leather bag 15
    a landing net which folds up for transport a triangle shaped one 6
    a magnetic hook box 50p
    2 fox bite alarms 15 for pair
    Leeda holdall 10
    a double pod i think thats what its called where you put bite alarms on the end and you can leave your rod on there i got that for 15 the guy also threw in some rod rests and tubes for my rods so i was well chuffed with all that i'm all set for after my op... god i'm having withdrawal symptoms i haven't fished for 2 weeks i'm sure it's not this bad to give up smoking !!!

    So cmon what's your best bargains ???

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    100 assorted size porcupine quills for 20.00 Some may not think they are much of a bargain but I do as I love to make my own floats still. With these working out at about 20 pence each I can afford to try those awkward swims. I think twice if I may lose a float costing 1.00 upwards - well it can mount up and remember I have to survive on benefits and I have 3 kids to think of first. So, they are my best bargain.


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    Andrew Thomas Guest


    BAA ticket....20 for miles of Severn and Teme riverbanks !

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    Nils master spear head in flo green 3.50 and i can't find them on were!.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Shimano Power HS match reel & Shimano Sedona 4000 GTE feered reel 20.00 each.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    errr.....Sedona 4000 GTE feered reel.... should be Sedona 4000 GTE feeder reel still a bargain even if I can't spell it. ;-}~

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    and a big bulk spool of silver thread mono for 4.50 the best mono ive ever used.

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    Paul Kendall Guest


    Browing 13ft Bob Nudd match rod, with locking reel seat, full cork handle & never been used ...... 8 from a cash converters shop.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    65p for Angling Star every month

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    best 65p spent ever hey Ron )

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