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Thread: rod rings

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    how do i stop ice forming on my rod rings any idears.


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    Paul Kendall Guest


    Go fishing in the summer !

    I've heard that something like gelatin liquid on the rings will stop them freezing or you could try car de-icer in the can with the directional nozzle

    Just a thought

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    Rob Brownfield Guest

    Default can u be getting freezing rod rings??..Its not been cold enough

    U wait until u get braid freezing on the spool of your reel!!! U end up with a block of ice that stays that way!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Carry a small bottle of anti-freeze around and wipe them in it.

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    Cheese Paste Guest


    If the ice isn't too bad you can dip the end of your rod in the water when retrieving your rig.

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    Steve Burke Guest


    Anyone else heard the rumour that Nashy's about to bring out electrically heated rod rings......?

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    John Pleasance Guest


    If this happens to me when trotting its normally at the pointy end of the rod,just dip it in the river for a while until it thaws.Shake off the excesss water.

    You'll have to do it reasonably regularly.

    I have heard of using glycerine but never tried it.

    I would be wary of antifreeze until I knew what effect it may have on the line.

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    Fisher King Guest


    Glycerine is the thing Ive used since a kid.

    The rod tip in the water doesn't last long depending on how cold the air is because if you think about it it is not the water that is cold but the surrounding air which does the freezing.

    Wouldn't fancy the anti-freeze bit as if it is spilt onto the paintwork of a car it doesn't do that any favours.


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    Paul Kendall Guest


    Glycerine - thats the one ! - i said liquid gelatin in an earlier response ..... DOH !!!

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Glycerine-works fine for me-available from the Chemist

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