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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Thirty thousand members. Thirty thousand..?


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    Wow that is amazing, never realized there are so many members here....imagen trying to meet all of them for a fish in....we'll be meeting new people for the rest of ours lifes

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    Loads isn't it, well done Graham for doing such a great job.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    And it shows you what the over 60s can achieve.

    I am doing very well thank you with my little consultative business.

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    Well done to FM and Graham on a job well done i love this place !!!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Well done great job,thanks to,Graham and the Team.

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    I left another Angling site, this one is far superior, ......and not full of tackle tarts. Many thanks to those who run this site, it's excellent!

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    Well done to all involved. I've visited many fishing related sites and considered joining some. But I feel at home here in this little piece of cyberspace.

    It would be interesting to analyse just how many of the 30,000 regularly sign-on. This Forum has it's regulars but I guess many more are just browsing.

    I joined up about two years ago and started contributing (if that's the right phrase) a few months after that.

    In that time the numbers have doubled.

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    No! I didn't mean "the numbers have doubled." because I joined the site!!

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    Brilliant site guys, cant gey enough of it, loads of points of views to be read and put across, keep up the good work tight lines and merry christmas

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