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Thread: Hook lengths

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    Default Hook lengths

    What do you recommend using .I am floater fishing for carp .I am after a supple small diameter but abrasion resistant line in the 8lb mark .
    The lake in question that I fish has a few snags but not that many.I have found a couple of lines that the fish are not that wary of however it seems that 50%of the fish I catch I end up with a damage to the hooklink about a foot away from the hook .(I sumise that this is possible dorsal fin damage to the line ) .I seem to be going through line like nobodies business as the lengths used each time are about 2 to 3 metres in length . I have already lost a few fish because of this( I think ) .Any thoughts or recommendations
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    Default Re: Hook lengths

    Drennan Double Strength.

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    Default Re: Hook lengths

    Preston reflo

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    I do a great deal of floater fishing in very snaggy water with anythiing from bread crust to dog biscuits to bushy flies and always use maxima chameleon either 6, 8, or 10lbs bs. It has never let me down directly and any lost fish has usually been down to me.

    I use Mucilin line floatant to keep the line on the surface and refresh this if it starts to sink but this doesn't happen often...

    Any line, if it goes through snags or rubs against roots will suffer so if this happens I cut the affected length off, retie the hook and start again. I also change my line fairly frequently but 100m spool lasts a fair time even if I lose a few metres every time I fish.

    I'm sure other lines will do the job but maxima IMHO does a pretty good job and i don't lack for fish (most of the time!!)

    Hope this helps!

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    preston powerling good stuff would like to hear others opions to try in future though
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    I would look to Maxima or Drennan double strength followed by Preston powerline.

    Just a thought maybe your line is a little to slack and just possibly you might like to consider keeping it a little tight or straighter. maybe look to see if there is anything the line could be chaffing or rubbing against on your landing net or perhaps your top few rings perhaps all of them and a careful look at the reel bail arm and spool. Just a thought.
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