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Thread: River Medway

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    nathan hill 1 Guest


    happy new year all.

    After a bit if help.

    looking a parts of the medway that are free to fish.

    I know the town centre and farley way but is there any other parts that are free?

    Yalding? tonbridge way?

    Many thanks

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    Les Clark Guest


    Hi Nathan ,I did ask the same question about a year ago but still havn`t fished the River Medway ,there is quite a bit of free fishing but well spread out .
    I have it down on paper some where ,if i can find it i will e mail it to you but don`t hold your breath .

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    I found this link for you, if its any good.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    nathan hill 1 Guest


    That would be great if you could. Would be much appriciated.

    My Nephew has just started and as a young lad does not have much cash to get days tickets so relys on rivers. And with me being local i can accompany him as he says.

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    Les Clark Guest


    Nathan if you put in "Medway" in "search For " at the top of the page ,you will then get any old messages regarding the River Medway ,you may have to work your way through them but the information should be there .

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    nathan hill 1 Guest


    Many thanks Peter.

    I have taken down the locations and the spot near Yalding sluice sounds a good start for him. Not too far from me.

    I might even have a days fishing with him.

    Many thanks all.

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    Bully Guest


    Nathan - there is quite a bit of free fishing, for example the sports ground stretch in Tonbridge. Also in Maidstone.

    Best bet is to call one of the local tackle shops. I think one is Medway Angling. There is also a good one in Tunbridge Wells but the name escapes me...

    Friendly Fisherman maybe?

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    I can recommend the free stretch in the town centre at Maidstone. I fish it a lot and in the summer and autumn you won't go far wrong with corn or bread punch on the float.

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