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Thread: Real nostalgia

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I recieved two 1970s copies of Coarse Fisherman today, thanks Merv.

    On the front of one of them dated Feb 1976 is a picture of our MacWallet with not one, but two barbel! And shown in the picture is a keepnet!!!

    What will be barbel police have to say about this.

    On page 6,7 and 8 is a full blown profile of Richard Walker written by David Hall. In the interview Dick says that the NFA is a load of **** and that it was time for all anglers in Britain to come out on strike so that the government would sit up and listen to what they wanted in terms of the conservation of rivers.

    And in another issue, David Hall interviews Ray Webb at a Oxfordshire hospital for the mentally disturbed.

    Fascinating stuff.

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    I used to read every bit of the angling mags in those days......keepnets were a way of life to us.

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    Les Clark Guest


    Same here Paul but these days i don`t use either .

    Ron ,can you put the Ray Webb interview up on line ?

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    On the road to rack & ruin !!!


    Used in a responsible manner,it shouldn`t be any different with keepnets.
    Ron,has anyone ever written a biography about richard walker???

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    Nick.....i totally a youingster and even nowit can be part of the days enjoyment to see your catch at the end of a session..........responsible keepnet use is fine.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I'll scan it and send it to Graham.

    I'm not sure about copyright on this though.

    Nick, There are no less than two biographies of Walker coming out this year.

    Keepnets were certainly a way of life to me too Brummie. I used to have a huge thing 3 feet in diameter by 10 feet long which I used for barbel.

    And I still use keepnets today, mainly when I am roach fishing.

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    I still use a keepnet Ron.....when fishing for silvers.

    I just bury the ratties

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    Pleased you received them Ron, only posted them yesterday approx 3.30pm, Royal Mail ain't all bad.

    Thought you'd enjoy the Richard Walker profile.
    Some people are so poor, that all they have is money

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Good for you Brummie.

    There is a load of **** spoken by the "Thy shalt not use a keepnet brigade". The more that some anglers want to ban perfectly legitate angling practices such as the use of keepnets, livebaiting or barbed hooks, etc, the more the wedge opens to ban angling.

    In the 60s I also used to gaff my pike.

    Gaffing pike correctly does probably less harm than netting!!

    Wow, now I've opened a can of worms.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    I suppose you used a pike gag too

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