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    What's the answer for the UK? Apart from the fact that more anglers should be members of the ACA, I reckon the paltry fines for causing pollution are not helping, especially when the pollution is deliberate or caused through gross negligence.

    Big companies just laugh at the meagre fines and costs they usually have to pay for killing thousands of fish, destroying an environment, and ruining the enjoyment of thousands of people.

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    Mandatory suspended sentences for those responsible both immediatly and vicariously.
    Lamp post, rope, suspend said party by neck......

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    nick bennett Guest


    The Government simply do not invest enough money in the waterways. If the fines for vandalism or pollution of waterways were increased, this money could be used to fund the cleaning of the network.

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    Coupled with the suspended sentences see above for details!!!

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    martin BATEY Guest


    You think we have got it bad over here! The mighty river shannon is on deaths door due to phosphate fertilizers on the land. 800% over the reccomened levels this summer. Has anyone noticed how the fishing in Ireland has been curtailed in the last 10 years. At last the people of Ireland are starting to take notice. Click on to and look into the webmasters notes.

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    Simon Ford Guest


    I agree with Alan on this one "a suspended sentence"

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