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    Just a quickie to Jeff, or anyone else who owns one of above.
    Looking to purchase one of these, but need to know the distanace in cm's or inches between the bottom of the quiver and the rod retaining loops. The reason being is i use three piece rods when stalking/roaming, and need to know if the loops are in a posistion where the will hold the rod section in place ( the drennan super specialist quiver does, hoping this quiver will too )

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    Geoff Furnival 2 Guest



    Did you find out if the Chub Rova can cope with 3 piece rods?



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    Bob "chubber"Lancaster (ACA) Guest


    just gone out this morning and bought one, best thing i ever did so far. Got 3 rods inside it (will take another) ,brolly number of bank sticks,landing net pole and still room for more. And yes it will take a 3 piece i have just tried my own 13 ' 3 piece and its fine. so there ya go. Get out and buy one there great.

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    Can anyone that owns this quiver tell me if it has 2 pockets on the outside for rod butts

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    Terry Eustace had this sorted years ago....and i have yet to find one that does the job any better!

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