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Thread: Chances lost!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    If I'd have known earlier, Kevin, a 100 and there I would be, up in lights, amongst the great and good,a leg end in my own lifetime.
    Too fast off the mark as usual!

    I've got a very nice Barbel lined up, for the 'Best Fish' awards

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    I've only been fishing for a short while so i can't do a story of my fishing life... you could make one up for me Kev i'll send you a cheque honest...

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    Oct 2005


    Since writing the article I did wonder if people would be put off sending in 'My Stories' if they thought their angling prowess didn't amount to much.

    Surely the title would indicate that the interest would be in the writer's life story (so far!) with any fishing refrences thrown in.

    Looking back at my own angling experiences, they started inauspiciously, rose to mediocrity and contine on a steady decline from there!

    So if (and that is a bl00dy big if) I were to write 'My Story' I would imagine 90% would have nothing to do with fishing, now whether or not that would be of any interest to the FM members, I don't know, and nor would they until they read it!

    And that has to be the point, the interest should be in the person, not necessarily their angling achievements, so send them in!

    And Wendy, I thought I just wrote your story in pantomime form, don't tell me I got the details wrong..........!

    Still not sure what's going on

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    Oh yes i forgot i was Wenderella!!! thats saved me a job Kev

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