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    A question to all you experienced river chubbers. I am going for a days fishing on a small river, I was going to rove the banks using cheese paste and worm as change bait with bread as backup. My question is how would you best present the bait. I will be using a medium quiver with 8Ib line,there are barbel in there as well so I wanted to be prepared. It's quite shallow in places with plenty of far bank cover and weed rafts. Any tips would be very useful.

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    i'd personally use a chuba float and/or a link ledger and feel for bites touch ledgering or start by trotting then switch to strettpegging inching the bait down the swim.
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    Personally I would use bread as my first line of attack especially if the water is reasonably clear.
    Make up a bucket of bread mash and start at one end of your beat and feed a handful or so into all the likely spots until you reach the other end of your beat normally I start form the upstream end and work down.
    Then make your way back up to the place where you started.
    Keep the rig simple a decent sized hook either a 6 or a 4 will do nicely with a couple of LG shot pinched on the line a few inches up from the hook. Bait is a large lump of either crust or flake but large is the operative word!
    The favourite bread for this is Morrisons Farmers Boy Extra thick it's ideal for the job.Cast into the baited areas sit back and await the results!If the chub are about it will not be long before you get a response if nothing has happened after 20-30 mins move on. Repeat this all the way down the beat.
    Consider the use of smelly baits in coloured water.

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    I was going to give exactly the same advice as Alan but also don't forget to bait up any likely looking spots under your own bank such as undercuts and overhanging bushes. Sudden drop-offs from shallow into deeper water, even in mid river are also worth trying as chub will often lie just below these spots to pick any food being washed down from the shallows.
    Personally I always carry 2 rods, a leger and a stick float rod.

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    Use 6lb-5lb main line to 6lb-5lb hook lengths you will get more bites from chub.Dont worry to much about barbel at this time of year.If they come along they are a bonus.

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    I completely agree with all the previous posts. All those tactics work. But I never go chubbing without at least a tin of luncheon meat. Try bouncing a lump through the swim on 5-6lb mainline straight through to a size 4 or 6. Pinch a shot on the line a few inches from the hook as the conditions dictate.

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    If clear Flake on the hook and liquidized bread in the feeder.

    coloured go for the cheese paste. Meat or worms but cut the tail of the worm first.

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