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Thread: Cakeys Story

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    Les Clark Guest


    This story as a bit of everything in it ,fishing ,girls and cars and all of great interest .
    Living by the River Lea AND catching a 30 lb pike ,it`s a shame that you never had that pike back before the pub closed down .
    Boilie on a spike??
    Lost me on that one Cakey .
    I could go on about Cakeys story but i will leave it to someone else to carry it on , i will just say one thing to Cakey ,well done mate , loved the hair .

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    Shrek Guest


    Excellent story, thanks for sharing it.

    Did a double take at the last picture though as I thought it was the irrefutable Granville Marzipan at first glance!!!!!

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    The Monk Guest


    brilliant Cakey and well worth waiting for mate, some first class fish there mate and some good photogrqaphs too. Seems like a few of us were given away in the 50s, I was adopted too

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    Frothey Guest


    great stuff cakey!

    pic18.... ah ah ah ah staying alive!!

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    Bully Guest


    Didnt realise you invented the "hair rig"...

    By the way, where is the Jolly Fisherman?? I am sure I have drunk in a Jolly Fisherman. I seemed to remember it was not far off the A10 somewhere?

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    Cracking read Cakey, thanks you.....and weren't you just adorable as a wee lad ;-)

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    Les Clark Guest


    " Seems like a few of us were given away in the 50`s " , not me Monk,my mother was for ever leaving me in my pram outside a shop and then scarpering off home ,but no one would take me !

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Nice one Cakester!!

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Enjoyed that Cakey, Pic 18 has a bit of the Barry Gibb's about it )

    "I put it back in the soup and put another boilie on the spike (who knows what I'm talking about?"

    would that be the snapped hook / bayonet method of attaching the boilie?

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    good one mr cakey.

    he was probably using the old plastic boily spike method.

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