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Thread: No hope swims

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    pons Guest


    I enjoyed reading that Mark,especially about the Seacourt stream.
    We used to go to Medley,from time to time,from Bath,lovely venue.
    My most memorable day there was a an absolutely freezing winter league semi final,where it snowed and there was an icy wind,on top of mega frost.
    I caught a 2lb Roach that was as tatty,an old as the hills,had the Great Ivan in my section,had too many beers in the pub defrosting,and my mates car engine blew a head gasket on the way home to Bath,scrapping the motor.

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    Azide the Stour



    Your mention of Bath and Winter Leagues has jogged an ancient memory; I have vague recollection of your name (or a senior moment) from the year (1979) that my local team fished the original Avon Valley WL including two Bath teams, Bath 'A' and Bath Rams. I was fishing for Wareham 'Nutters', a team that shouldn't have been allowed out on its own. Or maybe it is just my memory?

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    pons Guest


    Hi Mark,
    Spot on ,and we definately met then.
    I was with the Bath Rams,which was a breakaway outfit,from Bath A,and as I recall we gave them a whuppin,and most of the other teams.
    Also remember winning an Open at Canford school on a very ,very wet day,with about 8lb of Roach on the bread on the wag,at least I think I did !
    We used to travel down in right old jalopies,in convoy,in case of breakdowns ,which were frequent,my car was an Austin Cambridge Estate,cost 50,went all over the country,had baling twine holding the back tailgate on,and once broke down four times coming back from a Captain Morgan match at Tredegar park.
    It also had brakes that would overheat loaded up,and give up for a while !
    When we were practicing for that Stour WL,another mate,who should be nameless,in case he still wants to murder me,said to me,"now,chris,you sure my car will get there,it's not too far is it"
    I replied ,"God Ah!,course it will "

    It didn't !

    Got about as far as Warminster,before bits of metal came out through the block,and steam everywhere.

    What did I know about cars.

    Our team was just as crazy as yours,team meetings were great until about the third pint of 6X,when WW3 would start,and the quiet ones became Mike Tysons.

    I could truly write a book on those crazy,fun filled younger days.


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    Fred Bonney Guest


    As they say Mark,it's not over......etc etc.
    Never did any match fishing, but it's going to be good reading your exploits.

    Come on Chris,if there's a book there,have a go.

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    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Chris is alluding to the fact that Wareham and Bath Rams practically tried to outdo each other in the nutter stakes. Farnborough 'A' were the serious team complete with a certain R Mumford. At times they took it too seriously; one of their number tried to get one of our blokes disqualified for leaving his peg/transferring information when he took a pee behind a tree behind the next angler on Reading Prom, a somewhat open and public place to answer the call of nature. when the complaint was thrown out the Wareham team did a full team 'moon' to the Farnborough team. Bath Rams kindly offered a friendly match at Claverton, meeting lunch time. After a full lunch and too much scrumpy the Wareham team had to sleep through the match! And then there were the WL end of league do's at the Royal Navy in Gosport - drinks at 27p a shot. When I won the league the following year I was too drunk to get to the stage without help. Our team was famed for 'dead ants' so that was also done without warning.

    That first season (1979) was a baptism of fire for a bunch of WL virgins - my total weight in 5 matches was 2-13, a very different story the following year when we rattled Farnborough though they beat us in the end.

    Wareham often travelled in a hired minibus which added to the team spirit, especially after my mate had carved up another Transit that then carved us up and stopped in front of us so the driver could come and sort my mate out - he hadn't reckoned that the minibus had 6 rugby players (plus 6 cowards) in it - a muted retreat!

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