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Thread: Wasp Attacks

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    Anyone else had a bad experience with wasps while fishing?

    My most painful memory was when I was fishing the Congleton/Macclesfield canal as a kid of about 10. I disturbed a nest and three wasps stung me inside the entrance to my ear. A bargee removed the stings and luckily I was okay - apart from having one ear like Dumbo!

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    As a kid, probably only 9 or so, I sat on a tree stump by a small stream, kicking my heels into it. Next thing I knew was I was surrounded by wasps. Despite running like hell I got stung 10 or 12 times on the arms, legs and face. Not very pleasant, but thankfully I'm not allergic. I also fell into a ditch full of stinging nettles as a kid wearing only a pair of shorts. The pain of that was probably worse than the wasps.

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