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Thread: Had enough

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    I look forward to a bit of grayling fishing every winter. I love to go when its crunchy underfoot and the rings freeze up.

    Some chance, its still mild and the rivers warm, the Trent was 9 c at the weekend.
    None of the normal cold snap followed by a warm winter flood, and the barbel going daft, this year.
    A steady warm flood has been the norm for weeks now and I am fed up of it.

    So, God damn SNOW will you, this is supposed to be England.

    Whats more, I want to get my sledge out.

    Ahh, thats better.


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    Looking at the forecast you might just get your wish......In Spades!!!

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    I hope so Alan but they said it was going to come cold a couple of weeks ago, didnt happen. I need to trott a float on a low clear river.

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    I need to trot a float on a cold clear river

    Me too

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    Wheras me being a selfish so and so for a minute would rather have the upper Ribble with just a few inches on and a tinge of colour perfect conditions for the grayling here

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest



    You should have come on the grayling day in early November.Perfect grayling weather.

    Things have gone awry but just think how those aquifers are being filled up.We shall see the benefits next summer for sure.

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Totally passed me by that one Nigel, though I did see the write up after, looked good.

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    EC Guest


    Alright Tony, the last few times I've been running, I've dressed for winter and wished I'd dressed like it was May.

    Kids I know don't believe that within the last 20 years we used to have frost on the ground for weeks on end !

    Still, once the gulf stream shuts down, you can fish for grayling to your hearts content then mate.

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Ed, do you think that if we all blew really hard at the same time we could move it westwards for a day or two?

    Or, we could fill Ron with his figs and point his arse in the general direction.

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    Dec 2002
    Azide the Stour


    Are you lot blowing at the moment? 'Cos it's blowing a hoolie at the moment - the Isle of Wight has blocked the Solent so the trucklines can't get out...

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