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Thread: Open University

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    Hi all,

    I've just started an OU course and wondered if anyone else was doing or or had done one in the past?

    What did you think of it? Value for money?? Was the support good?

    I'm doing S103 Discovering Science a 60 point 9 month course

    I've linked it to BSc (Honours) Geosciences & BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences


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    Andy I done a maths degree with OP about ten years back and found it very good also its a lot better now ther is the internet you can get help almost instantly good luck with it

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    Hi Andy
    I am about 3rd of the way through a History BA[hons]; I have got 150 points, so far my experience has been wonderful, and I would especially recommend you go to a summer school if there are any on your course.The tutorials are also very enlightening and a great help.
    I have not enroled on any courses so far this year as I have just started a new job and wanted to concentrate on that, but that is the beauty of studying with the OU.

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    The Monk Guest


    good luck with your studies Andy, I tried an OU course many years ago but found it very difficult while holding down a full time job at the same time, I opted to go full time to university as a mature student, I was 42 at the time and gained a BSc (hons) and MSc in 4 years, I loved every minute of it.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I was all those nubile birds on campus that he loved........)

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    The Monk Guest


    yes there was that

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    I'm registered on the SXR103 residential school in July at Uni of Sussex in Brighton...

    Really looking forward to it!! BE great to meet people doing the course and make practical use of my course..

    But that said with my Bi Polar it also makes things a bit daunting as well I constantly battle with motivation and concentration, but the challenge is there and I hope to succeed!!!


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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Did you manage to pull any mate?

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    Phil Hackett The Boastful Expert :-0 Guest


    Ooh Err Mr Clay!
    Our Monk was a man of absolute probity


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    Phil Hackett The Boastful Expert :-0 Guest


    Andy with any distance learning there will be some people who feel the support is patchy.

    The focus these days is on what they call Student Centred Learning. That means effectively, the tutor sets the work, and the students do their own research work with minimal input from the tutors.

    The OU has a very good reputation for the quality of the support materials (videos, CDs etc) they produce and many of them are used in attendance universities.

    The tutors in many cases are also the same tutors who teach in attendance universities and do work for the OU as a second income.

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