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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    But Brummie, I would love to fish the Severn again in early March for roach on the Littleton stretch below Bewdley with a delicate quiver tip rod.

    And have dear old Des behind me telling me that I am doing everything right.

    And to see the quiver tip pull gently forward and the answering strike meet with the thumping resistance of a lovely 1 1/2lb plus roach, glinting silver, green and purple in the current.

    But what happened a lot with me is that I hooked a blinkin' whiskers that shot off downstream and bust me delicate roach tackle.

    The b******ds should have never put barbel in the Severn!!!

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    Yes Ron.......i heard you like BIG Des behind you whilst you quivered!

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    Light legering for Tench on an early summers morning, with a one and quarter test curve rod.

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    Fly fishing.

    Not the dry fly on some poncey southern chalk stream where snobbery is rife.

    Not on a stocked reservoir either, where there isn't enough natural food to sustain the Trout, creating an inbalance in favour of the angler.

    No. Give me a powerful yet wadeable river, say 10-15 yards wide. A river you can cover without casting ability being the be all and end all. A river full of character with fast riffles, deep pools, long slow runs and overhanging vegetation.

    Give me wild Brown Trout and Grayling, they don't have to be huge.

    I don't need much more than that in fishing.

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    for me its a close thing ,between a stick float on a river, or margin fishing ,as close six inches away

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    To be fair Ric, not all fly fishers have access to wild brown trout rivers.

    And I totally disagree with your comment on stocked reservoirs. This may be true of the smaller very heavily stocked waters but on my local reservoir, trout are introduced at about 10 inches long and in the short space of a couple of years, often achieve 4 to 5 lbs in weight, feeding on natural food.

    There are many reservoirs in this country where this is also the case and I can name Rutland Water, Grafham Water, Hanningfield, Carsington and even my local Thrybergh as examples.

    And a fit 4 lb grown-on, overwintered rainbow from Thrybergh reservoir will outfight any wild brown of the same size in any river you name.

    I can say that because I have done lots of your preferred sort of fishing too.

    And enjoyed it immensely.

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    You're right Ron, Rainbows do fight much harder than Browns. I hooked a 2 1/2 pounder on the Goyt last year (god knows how it got there), it went like the proverbial clappers.

    The Browns tend to be more dogged, try to hold their ground, but run less, in my experience.

    I guess I'm lucky to be able to fish the local river. Like you say Ron, many people aren't so lucky.

    But there again, there are loads of holes in the ground around here, stocked with stewpond Rainbows.

    I went on a casting lesson 2 years ago at a series of such holes in the ground. In the afternoon, a large truck turned up and we watched it spew it's contents of large Rainbows into the various pools, each pool in turn. The regulars walked off rubbing their hands together, they reckoned that the new inhabitants would be easy to catch and not just that; they would "stir up" the existing inhabitants.

    I enjoyed the casting aspect of things, and hopefully learned a thing or two. As for put and take Trout fisheries? I need some convincing yet.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I think this subject is worthy of a new thread on the game fishing section as we have sidetracked the issue somewhat.

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    Stephen Mc Cormack Guest


    Fly-fishing for me too, somewhat like Ric, no need for monster fish just some brown trout that give a good bend in the rod and a variety of different lies to tempt them out of, I love the anticipation in dry-fly fishing for trout though, i don't think i blink till i'm re-casting !

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    yoggy Guest


    To be honest I havn`t a favourite method.But I have methods that I prefere for catching certain species.For Roach and Tench it has to be the float.For Chub,quivertip without a doubt,and for Pike even though my bigger Pike are caught deadbaiting,just recently I much prefere my lure fishing.

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