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    Thinking about it, the most fun I have had is in fishing for fish that I can see.

    Watching a carp circle and sniff at a piece of floating crust...

    Casting a lobworm at a bubbling tench

    Flicking a slug at a chub

    Casting a surface lure at a pike

    This is when I get the real hunting thrill, and most of my brightest and best memories, going back to boyhood, are of trying to catch a fish that I can see (without him seeing me first..)

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    My favourite method is pole fishing but when i do use the rod and line in matches be-it feeder, bomb waggler or even the stick... I have to say that it brings a missed satisfactory smile to my face whilst playing a fish.

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    9,000 ft up in the Seirra Nevada in California, fishing the gin clear waters of Tioga lake. I've got a tiny wand of a fly rod and I'm flicking a weighted bug to a huge brownie. Let it sink then give it a twitch as the fish passes. Its one of those days and I can't induce a take, but what an experience.

    Up to my waist in the Wharfe on a cold Winter's day. Flicking a heavily weighted bug upstream and lifting my rod to take up the slack as it drifts back towrds me. I start to lower the rod as the fly passes me and heads downstream. Then the sudden heaviness as a good Grayling takes and I lift into the fish.

    Sorry guys, its got to be fly fishing. Nothing else comes close.

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    Cider Bob71~PAC~ Guest


    Tench fishing on a early summers morning.
    Peacock quill laid on,Tiny bubbles fizzing over a bed of corn,lillies all around.


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    Frank "Chubber" Curtis Guest


    Ron, ever fly-fished for bonefish? I haven't done it myself but watched George, our Keys guide do it. It's the most difficult kind of fly-fishing I've ever seen because as you're fishing in such shallow, clear water you daren't false cast for fear of spooking the fish. It's one type of fishing where the Spey Cast comes into it's own.

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    Beecy nailed it in one. I love to trot a stick and fish the waggler for roach and dace. But when I appproach avenue, it's not because of the method, it's because of the potential. The ability to adapt is so important. I would give up before I specialised in one type of fishing.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I've caught a varity of Bonefish off the Northern Coast of Natal and Mozambique but not with a fly rod.

    However I have caught Garrick and Springers on the flyrod in various estuaries in Transkei and Eastern Cape. They go like hell.

    Quite right Sean, nothing comes close to fly fishing in my book.

    You are not setting traps, you are hunting the fish. Lure fishing for American Bass would come a close second.

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    Given I dont get to fish rivers that much, my angling fantasies centre around being on a beautiful private estate lake at dawn on a summers morning as shafts of sunlight penetrate the mist. Weeping willows bowing to kiss the waters edge.You get the picture?
    Just me, at one with nature,relishing the total solitude, with my avon rod and centre pin, casting my red tipped float as close as I can to a big bed of lilies where a cloudburst of effervescent bubbles have just broken the surface.
    Then catching several handsome tench and plump crucians-absolute heaven. Florida Keys , you can keep it!

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    i agree with blankety blank

    you cant beat the old methods you against the fish no fancy groundbaits or baits.


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