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Thread: Fishing in Asia

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    i'm going to rent my house out, take a year out of my working life, and go travelling.

    I'll spend all this time in Asia, begining in Nepal, followed by India then Thailand, then Laos and Vietnam, possibly Cambodia as well.

    I'm going to squeeze a travel fly rod into my rucksack, I just can't imagine a year without fishing.

    I know about the Mahseer of the Himalayas.

    Does anyone know of any fishing possibilities I might come across? i would consider diverting slightly....

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    How about the worlds biggest frehwater fish ---The Mekong Catfish in Vietnam


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    Frank "Chubber" Curtis Guest


    Lucky *******. I'm so jealous that if I had any info I wouldn't pass it on to you.
    Hope it all goes well mate and beware of the lady-boys in Thailand.

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    Bloody ell those Mekong Catfish are strange looking fish eh?

    Yeah Frank, just something I've got to do. I'll come back without a job but I don't really give a toss. We're only here a short time, live for the day! And i will take your advice re. Thailand; I'm meeting a friend there, we're both single, a little hedonism could be in order I think. Some of them are 'good copies' though, how do you tell before you reach the point where you find a lump where there shouldn't be one??

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest



    Look and see if he/she/or it has an Adams Apple ....

    If he/she/it does ....STEER CLEAR !!!

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    you can check out It Lake Monsters also known as "the new predator lake" advertised by some. good for the red tail catfish, Alagator Gar and also arapaima to name a few.
    also set for some good records on fly rods!!!

    google my site and you might find some interesting information on fishing Thailand.
    I also like to put forward information on lakes here to promote Thailand fishing.

    I admitt I have a fishing company but I dont charge for information and like to spread the word, if you fly rod is a good strong one then make a fly that looks like bread and hit Bung Sam Ran!!! the baby mekongs will give you a great run for you money!!

    one other lake is Fisherman's Paradise Nichada Thani but sorry to say that is a exclusive one for my company, still looks like we are shapping up for some great fly fishing with many species like Arowana, Peacock bass, Snakehead, we even have some small Nile Perch in there.

    have a look and drop me a email and I will try to help as much as I can (FOR FREE)

    Kiwi Fishing Bangkok

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