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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    For me it was something I hooked fishing from Des Taylor's peg on the River Severn in 1996. I hooked it at about 9-15 pm and lost it at exactly 12-30am. I was using an 8lb line with a 6lb hooklength, a size 12 super specialist with a bunch of maggots for bait.

    I don't think it was a barbel. My feeling is that it was a large river carp that I had foulhooked in the tail. I never got a look at. It wouldn't give up and eventually the hook pulled. A few minutes prior to this I landed an 8lb barbel which I had out in about 3 minutes on the same tackle.

    The other time was when I hooked a sandshark of about 150 lbs off the rocks near a town called Knysna in the Southern Cape. This took me over 2 hours before my companion, one Dave Levy managed to gaff it for me and drag it up the sand. Tackle was an 11 foot "Gully" rod and a ABU Ambassadeur 10,000C loaded with 50lbs mono. Dave wanted the fish so I decided to kill it by firing two .38 bullets into its head. Sand sharks are extremely good eating. It was dark by then and the shots couldn't be heard above the pounding of the surf. I don't like leaving fish to gasp.

    We managed to drag the fish back to Dave's pick-up truck where both of us with an effort managed to get it into the back.

    Next day I called at his house to find Dave in the process of cutting it up. We cooked a piece on the barbie that night and it was truly excellent.

    By golly was I fit in those days?

    Let's have your stories?

    Big Catfish?

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    Frank "Chubber" Curtis Guest


    My longest fight was with a 200lb striped marlin off of Cabo San Lucas 3 years ago.
    For the first 10 minutes or so it made the usual screaming runs interspersed with spectacular leaps but then it suddenly went down and just kept going until it finally stopped at about 600 feet.
    What followed can only be described as a prolonged tug of war. I would pump the fish up 30 feet or so and then it would take it all back again.
    It was nearly 2 hours before I managed to get it to the side of the boat and then we discovered why I'd had so little control over it even on 70lb line. In it's final leap before sounding it had spun whilst still airborne and the line had wrapped around it. All the pressure I was applying was going to it's body and not to it's head.
    During the fight I drank a good 3 litres of water and had about a similar amount poured over my head. The temperature was in the 90's.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    The only marlin I ever hooked, a bluudy shark got after about 30 minutes!!!!


    Some of the longest battles I have had with the fly rod have been with sharptooth catfish up to over 30lbs.

    1 1/2 hours was the longest, using a 6lb tippet and a size 8 hook.

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    levelspiker Guest


    my longest fight with a fish actually boated,was back in august 1991.
    we were anchored on a deep wreck in the mid channel separation zone fishing for congers aboard the guernsey charter boat midnight express, which was skippered by dougal lane.
    i was using a 50lb class daiwa graphite coil boat rod with a shimano tld 20 ld reel loaded with 50lb bs single strand wire line.
    i had only been fishing about ten minutes when the gentle tap tap of the rod tip signalled a bite from a conger 260 feet below.
    i waited until the rod started to bend slightly as the eel started to move with the bait.
    i then wound as fast as i could until i could wind no more (striking congers is a waste of time,they just shoot back into the snags).
    the rod looked like it was about to snap as i bent into the fish and tried to pump it slowly to the surface.
    after around 5 minutes,i probably had the eel within 50ft of the surface,when suddenly it dived almost back to the wreck.
    it repeated this twice more and i was told that if the eel went down a 4th time,then it was probably a 100 plusser.
    it was not to be,the eel didn`t quite have the strength to go down a 4th time and after a shattering 20 minute battle,the eel was brought first fish of the week long charter fishing holiday.
    i felt elated and shattered at the same rod butt had a bent butt section and a permanent kink in the blank.
    on the scales at the fish market,the mighty fish was recorded at 92lbs 11oz.
    it also won me anglers mail fish of the week,a gold conger club award and a gold nfsa award.
    the biggest fish that i have ever caught.
    i know that i`ll never better that fish,as i am just not up to it anymore,due to my arthritis etc.
    but it is a day and a fish that i will never forget.
    next day,one of the dutch anglers fishing aboard the boat had a conger of 108lbs.his name is victor kroon and a picture of the fish can be seen on the british conger club website 100 plus gallery.
    the longest that i ever played a conger is over half an hour in may 1991.
    for some strange reason, on one wreck off guernsey,the congers took a liking to pirks fished on the drift (the then guernsey record was a 98 pounder taken two weeks before on the same wreck).
    i hooked this monster when pirking for cod on a small tide and almost at slack water.
    after about 30 minutes of a back breaking,mind numbing scrap,the skipper told me to slacken off the drag a bit more,as the fish would surge off when it saw the surface light,we were about 100 yds downtide of the wreck by then,so it shouldn`t get snagged if it went down.
    alas,on slackening the drag,the eeel took off all the way back to the wreck(despite me tightening the drag again) snagged solid and was gone.
    it certainly felt a whole lot heavier than the 92!!!!!
    a classic one that got away story.

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    46 minutes to beach a 200lb [estimated] White Sturgeon


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    45 minutes, it was a 22 lb carp and i was roach fishing at the i landed and weighed the ******

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    3 hours to land a 6lb 1oz carp on a wand type bomb rod, 22 fine wire hook and 1lb double strength hooklength, when I was about 14 or so.

    The pond was shallow, so the carp would run more, rather than wallow about as they often do in deeper water.

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    mine was 15 mins to land a 16lb pike on 4lb line i was scared to death of losing it... i wasn't expecting something that size in a canal!

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    50 LB Tope for me, June 2005, 8 miles off the Norfolk coast at Brancaster.

    It probably only took about 10 minutes but felt much longer as I had to keep throwing up over the side of the boat. It was a very choppy day.

    I will never forget its initial run though, or the moment that its dorsal first broke the surface.

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    Wendy, pass the crisps and you can tell us all about it once again ..........

    ........... hehehehehehehe!

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