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    Has anyone fished at beaver fishery in surrey.It looks a nice place with a variety of fishing.If you have been there can you let me know what its like.

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    yeah its not bad actually. the two specimen lakes are right by the road and its a bit nosiy. The other lakes dont have huge fish in really but they can usually be relied on to get a few. Last summer i had 12 Carp to 18lb out in 8 hours!!

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    Evan Guest


    Have a shufti back at the report of the Catfish fish-in last summer....

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    Loads of lakes Weazle with differnt size fish in the lot. What ever you fancy fishing for its there although a bit pricy for my liking and not my favourite place (appearance wise) to fish!
    All the lakes are well planted and look nice etc though. I think its the way its that theres so many lakes and so many anglers in one place. In the summer anyway, not so sure about winter.

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