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    Ron Clay Guest


    Fixed spool reels have advanced enormously during the past few year. Bait runner facilities, really smooth clutches and fighting drags are wonderful. But why not incorporate the fighting drag and bait runner feature in one reel?

    And make a range of sizes so that you can tackle anything up to quite large and fast moving salt water species.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Ron - if you set the fighting drag right you can use it as a baitrunner. Except that it doesn't click into maximum drag when you wind.

    But you wouldn't want it to do that would you ?, as the whole idea is to vary the maximum and minimum drag instantly

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Yes Gary I do use the fighting drag feature as a bait runner, but find it a bit fiddly to switch it over, especially when I get a barbel bite.

    A combination of the two feature would be marvellous. How about it Shimano?

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    David Will Guest


    Not another type of baitrunner surely Ron, there have been three in a year as it is.We'll all be skint.

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