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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    I have just been reading Tales from the riverbank, the new series of short stories from anglers Mail.
    This one features our very own Peter Bishop, about when he suffered a heart attack and literally got a warm shower from an inquisitive heifer in 1998.
    Covered in cow $hite and Pee, hahaaa, it's really strange the things that pass through your mind.

    I found it really thought provoking, and it also gives you an insight into the two books he has written. If this short article is anything to go by, the books will be well worth a read while you are sat on the bog.
    But be careful. Things can happen in the oddest of places when you least expect them to.

    The Anglers Mail describes this series as a “warts n all” tale every week from a different top angler. Top Angler my Arriss, I know Peter Bishop.

    As for myself, I remember being stung by something while out fishing. No joke it put me out cold on the bank. When I came to, I can remember one angler actually stepping over me as I lay on the floor and walking away. Another angler asked, should I get you an ambulance? I begged him not to as the thoughts going through my mind at the time were, I can’t go to hospital smelling like this as I was covered in perspiration and stunk. Daft I know, but it really is strange what goes through your mind at such times as these.

    Has owt happened to you? And what thoughts did you have at the time?
    Peter Bishop top angler? HA!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Two books,two books?
    I've got, Another bloody tangle!
    It is subtitled,by the way Baz,
    The trials and tribulations of an 'incomplete' angler.

    I think the other one must be about some lowly football club ;o)

    Missed this series in AM, as I get AT.
    Not sure I could put an eventful fishing story across, as well as Peter does,but I'll have a think.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Peters books:
    Another bloody tangle.

    Crucians at Bedtime. To be published later this year.

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    Good lad is Peter

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    I read Another bloody tangle and it was great, would recommend it!

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    Thanks for that BAZ. The Mail are clearly great judges of talent. I must be a TOP ANGLER-it says so right across the page header.
    My mate rang to say his trousers were wet like mine in the cartoon. He Pi$$ed himself laughing!
    I'm afraid he probably right. I am not even the best angler in our house-and there's only me and the wife plus two dogs. They catch more than me in a stream.
    By the way, that "Tales from the Riverbank" page is open to anyone who can string a sentence together and has a good, or unusual, story to tell.
    I simply got in touch with Editor Tim Knight, sent them the article , a book and mug shot and we were in business. Paul Dennis then rang me to tell me how much he enjoyed reading the book and offered to take me barbel fishing on the River Dove. Nice bloke.
    So get writing you lot, I'm sure you've got some great tales to tell if the stuff on this site is anything to go by.
    Deanos-this is your big chance mate!

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    Great read Peter! You stopped smoking, did you lose any weight? or was it easier to find another club water with the car park behind the peg? Thats my type of water!

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    Write a book on Frank Worthington,that will be good

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    So Peter, you didn't write a book about Tranmere Rovers then?

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    For my pains Fred I have written two books on Tranmere Rovers, the first in 1989 cleverly called the "A-Z" of....and the second a pictorial history in the Images of England series, in 1998.
    However, in some circles I get credited with writing "100 woods" which I didn't write. Same name syndrome!
    John ,a biography of Frank, your hero Tony Currie, Stan Bowles and other flamboyant players is not a bad idea. The title springs to mind staight away, "The Fancy Dans!"
    Richard, after my heart attack I went on the usual health kick and lost 4 stone which is no mean feat when you've given up the fags as well.
    But you get bored with rabbit food and crave for a full English breakfast or an ice cream.
    In the past five years afraid I've put all the weight back on-plus more-but am still off the fags.
    I know I have to do something about it this year, and was considering a lap band in time for my daughters wedding in Italy late August, but now there are other health issues, so thats off the agenda for the time being, so like Deanos I still answer the the term 'fat *******!'

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