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Thread: New Tackle.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    A pair of Chub field boots, luverly jubbly.

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    andrew jackson Guest


    Father christmas was a little skint this year, so he put the kids first. As a result I have not recived my pressie yet. He did assure me that in a few weeks time, he would treat me to an Aqua 60 though.

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    James Bradshaw Guest


    A ''Lynx'' aftershave/deodorant/shower gel pack... no, I'm not drunk - the bag they come in is perfect for keeping reels in! (And a multi-purpose ''fisherman's'' knife, and a monocular (is that a word? Either way, like binoculars, but just one - you know what I mean!)) Shame I forgot to put ''chest waders'' on my Xmas list - never mind - it's my birthday in a fortnight!

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    A hand towel with a fishing motif and my name embroidered on it for wiping the slime and other nasties off my hands. I think the missus is trying to tell me something.

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    Cakey Guest


    old bill stopped me for doing 92 on local by-pass,they made sure i hadnt been drinking told me to slow down and let me go.
    and i had the CAKEY plates on !

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    Sam Moorhouse Guest


    a nice shimano carp rod 3lb tc(Ihope to land a couple 20lb ers on this)

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    Andrew Webber Guest


    A 9ft daiwa spinning rod, some braid and a a few new lures, can't wait to christen them!

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    Phil Hackett Guest


    LED Head torch (Black Diamond)
    Two books
    The Blue Planet

    And more bloody socks

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    Paul Thompson Guest


    Barbel - up close and personal videos, and a top little hand held computer fishing game.The instructions said theres a 25lber waiting to be caught, but you will need skill, dedication, patience etc to catch. Second put in and I got the ******......
    Fantastic, just wish that would happen in real life :-)(mind you, real life doesn't have a reset button)
    ps: My brother-in-law, still trying for biggie, with no luck.His brother-in-law turns up half cut at 10pm and catches it after 5 mins..tee hee

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Hi Paul,
    I did the same It's all in the wrist...ahem. ;o}~

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