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Thread: New Tackle.

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    Paul Thompson Guest


    Rod, I believe you are correct.(strange doing it with the left hand.S'pose its different though..) :-)
    Daniel, STOP SHOUTING...
    Ron, See if you can watch someones videos first. They cover a lot of specialist ground in rigs, tactics and bait/application. If you are a barbel fan then I would recommend them. I would have bought them myself if santa hadn't. Believe they are also available on dvd too.

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    Alan Fawcett Guest


    santa brought me a hangover in the glen of tranquility (i ain't complaining)
    a petrol lighter with a fluff flinger on it (kid brothers sick of the expletives when i can't light my fag due to the wind)
    he also fixed it for me to get another job after the last one finished me on the last friday before xmas.

    May the new year see your nets wet, your lines tight & your rods bent
    Dian, Cheyenne & Alan

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    disco dan Guest


    Sorry paul just writting some of these a bit quick as i am at work.will try and
    remember to use lower case.

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    Paul Thompson Guest


    No probs mate, is the boss on the prowl.....?

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    disco dan Guest


    No she as left for the day so can use it as
    much as i want.Do you no off anywhere i can
    get fishing dvds as santa did remember to
    get me a dvd player.

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    Paul Kendall Guest


    Got a fishing towel (will have to christen it with roach slime this w/e) and a "champion fisherman" t-shirt (think someones taking the pi** !!)

    Oh - and a spiderman watch.
    why, I don't know, I'm only 32 !!

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    Paul Thompson Guest


    Cos your'e Spiderman aren't you Paul. Come on admit it, I can tell, my spider senses are tingling.....ooops!!
    Dan, Have the rest of the day off. If she can then help yourself mate..
    As for the DVDs, try leslies, or OVC.

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