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    Read the following article in todays Sun newspaper.

    An underwater camera for finding fish in rivers is causing uproar among anglers — who say it is WRECKING the sport.
    The FishCam beams back images from a tiny camera attached to a special float.
    Anglers with small hand-held TVs can see fish move up to the bait — and move their line towards them.
    Fishermen can also store the images on DVD, to prove their stories about “the one that got away”.
    But purists claim the £185 Korean gizmo has taken all the skill out of the sport.

    Champ angler Chris Yates, who hosts TV show A Passion for Angling, said: “What a lot of kill-joy nonsense this device is.

    “You might as well fish for goldfish in your living-room. This ruins the art of fishing.”
    Sanderson Environmental — which supplies the FishCam in Britain — said the uproar was “traditionalist nonsense”.
    A spokesman added: “Over 500 anglers are now using it and they love the innovation.”

    I don’t know about you but I agree with Chris Yates, this would take all the enjoyment out of fishing for me, are these legal in match fishing? I just enjoy fishing not knowing what is down there I don’t even get upset if I don’t catch I just love the being away from all the urban noise, Only time I don’t enjoy my fishing is when is raining, windy and cold, what the going to do if the see a smaller fish….pull the bait away, come on, don’t take away the skill factor from fishing.

    What is your view on this device?

    Regards Keith

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    I agree with most that this is a bad idea.
    Some people will not be satisfied until they are litterally fishing in a dustbin.

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    heres the companies site

    you would have thought theyd have used someone who knows how to hold a rod properly for the photo !

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    Personally i think its a bad idea as i would think that it would spook the fish, good for some diy korda type vids tho'?

    another f***ed up invention to annoy us like flippin baitboats!

    i caught a baitbaot last year! the boats 12 yr old opperator steered it right into my line? next thing I'm being awoken to a frantic alarm, i struck and dragged it across the lake!

    the lad was most upset and thought he'd lost it ( well i didnt give him it back till the next mid- morning) he got a talking to and i never seen it again!

    Cant stand the things... utter waste of space imo.

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    But this is not on about baitboats though is it? Baitboats are fine is used correctly, sensibly and responsibly.

    I can't see the camera idea being much more than a gimick, to be honest!

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    Designed to catch the fisherman, not fish I suspect. Looks a pile of cack to me. Its a wired system for a far could you cast the contraption with a wire attached LOL.
    Interesting that the only pic on the site shows carp...but photographed from the surface, not underwater.
    Cant see it ruining the sport, as I cant see it having any practical use, except in the margins of clear lakes, where the carp are likely to lay an egg when they see it with its lights blazing.
    I find it kinda funny, and kinda sad that anybody would buy such a thing ' to improve their fishing'. If it means that much, as said, fish a goldfish bowl.

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    I can just see it,youve paid all that money for a fishing cam.First cast into the lake about 30 yards.You start to real in slowly looking at the images on the screen and then a great big snaggled tooth bitch of a pike shoots out of nowhere and eats your camra.
    Bad idea if you ask me.

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    Is it that much different to a fish finder?
    They have been in common use for some years now, by Pike anglers in particular on big waters like Windermere and Grafham.
    It will be another gimmick for Wilson or Hayes to show us how effective they are on TV. Something else we cannot possibly manage without. And they'll make them in camo too!

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    Ged Guest


    A tackle tarts must have.
    Could be another story for Kevin.
    Perhaps it relies on the fish being photogenic or wanting to be on fishing big brother.

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    How about first cast and you get snagged up in the mother of all snags!!

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