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Thread: quiver tips

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    ted clarke Guest


    Could anyone tell me the oz sizes for the john wilson avon quiver system tip colours.

    green = oz
    yellow = oz
    red = oz

    thanks Ted.

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    Screw upreel seat.
    Recommended reel lines 3-8lb.
    Quivertip test curves:

    * Red 1.1/2oz
    * Yellow 2oz
    * Green 2.1/2oz

    a cut and paste from an internet advert
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    ted clarke Guest


    thanks for that. Also can anyone recomend good line for feeder fishing.

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Diawa Sensor. Bulk spools as cheap as chips. 6lb will match the John Wilson nicely. I've also been using Okuma Sensitec which is an excellent line that is thin for its breaking strain. I'd use this in 8lb for feeder fishing.

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    ted clarke Guest


    thanks ill give them a go.

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