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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Barrie Rickards make an interesting observation by comparing Taylor with Walker. Knowing Des, one thing I will say is that he has tremendous admiration for Walker and I am sure he would appreciate the old saying "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants".

    Certainly Barrie has a point when he suggests that Des has broader angling experience than Walker ever had. For example Walker was never a sea angler and never in his life left the shores of Great Britain.

    The other major difference is that Des makes his living out of angling, and because of this most likely has a lot more time to go fishing than Walker never did.

    But how can one compare the two of them?

    Men of their time?

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    Dick Walker was an angling innovator who moved the barriers forward, Des Taylor is an angler !!!.
    Some people are so poor, that all they have is money

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Very very true Merv.

    Walker's other legacy was that he made anglers think.

    But he wasn't right all the time. Neither is Des.

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    If i could go back in time Ron and had a choice who to fish with, either Walker or Taylor i would have to pick Walker. I would imagine Dick Walker to be a facinating guy where as i would probably end up being bored in Taylors company.I dont no why its just the impression i get from reading Taylors articles.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    In many ways they are/were two totally different characters.

    I have spent time with both and I must say on with reference to both people, the times spent have been stimulating and memorable.

    But each in their own ways.

    With Des, you have to be able to take the beer!

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    I spent a very happy evening last night re-reading some of my collection of "fisherman's handbook", a Marshall Cavendish weekly mag dating back to the 70s. I think I've got the whole set.

    There was a terrific article in there by Walker on dapping for chub on rivers. I doubt Des Taylor (or many others for that matter)could have written this article in such an entertaining way. I think Walker is clearly the better writer.

    As an aside, there was also a very interesting illustrated article about specimen bream fishing, written by "northener" Graham Marsen (their description not mine...)

    Some cracking haircuts on display...

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I have a lovely photo of our Graham holding not one, but two barbel on the front of an old "Coarse Fisherman".

    He looks just like one of those Scouser pop stars!

    Without wanting to make too many comparisons, especially in terms of educational qualifications, it must be pointed out that Walker was a product of a privilaged education. He went to private schools and Cambridge. His standard of English was impeccable!

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    To compare DT with Richard Walker is, in my opinion, very flattering to Mr Taylor.

    Walker was the innovator whilst Taylor started by simply following the trends, and then being controversial for the sake of it, e.g. his piece on Lady Anglers, and his Lets break the Closed Season Rules.

    Walker held pride of place in AT for over Thiry Years, and certainly not a 'near the back page' author either, unlike Mr Taylor!
    Maybe judgement should be with-held for about another 20 or so years?

    When Walker was controversial it was to stimulate educated discussion or argument, with Mr. Taylor it seems to be more akin with attention seeking, or maybe even a case of nothing else to write about.

    In many ways Ron I am so glad that you started this thread as I was going to do so last night, but decided to wait and see others' reactions first.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    And he was an only child. Maybe that says something.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    By the way Peter, old Dick had a few words to say about lady anglers too. This I am sure was in the days before he married Patricia Marston.

    He didn't want women flitting around the bank like "Butterflies in primary colours", or words to that effect.

    And although Dick liked the idea of a closed season for coarse fish, he thought the dates were all wrong.

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