Stafford Borough Council together with the Izaak Walton Cottage Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, are holding an exhibition at the Ancient High House, Greengate Street, Stafford of copies of the books and works of that well known outdoor writer Izaak Walton. The exhibition will also include other articles and memorabilia connected with, and celebrating the life of the 17th century author of the Compleat Angler. At nearly 600 separate issues since the day it first saw the light of day. 9th May 1653, it is the third most published book in English. Also boasting reprints in many other languages and other countries through out the World.

The exhibition will bring together from various sources copies of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the 5th editions with copies of his other most famous books, including his series of Lives of famous 17th century churchmen.

The exhibition will also show artefacts connected to Walton, and also more modern day memorabilia; and will include his Wedding Chest celebrating his marriage to Rachel Floud, his first wife. Married at St Mildreds Church in Canterbury, they had together seven children all dying in infancy, a sign of infant mortality in those days.

It is the first such exhibition of its type to be staged in Stafford, the birth place of its most famous son. The exhibition will run from the 1st of May to the end of May.

Izaak Walloon's Cottage is but a short distance from Stafford, and together with farm and lands known as Halfhead Farm, at Shallowford was left by Izaak to provide a charitable income for use of the poor people of Stafford at a time when there was no Government charity to provide for the poor. Following the upheaval of the English Civil War, the need for charity was great indeed.

Anthony K Bridgett.
Secretary of the Izaak Walton Cottage Charity Fund.
Telephone 01538 373163