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Thread: Carrot rods?

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    Heard a News item this morning that a boffin in the North East has developed a new eco friendly material by combining carrot rind with resin to produce a material he claims to be stronger, lighter and more ecologically acceptable than kelva or carbon fibre.
    Apparently, he has made some fly rods from this new material, and claims it will revolutionise fishing.
    Brilliant. I can't wait. Imagine shipping your 1000 pole backwards through long grass or a bush only to find a rabbit had chewed the end off while you rebaited!

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    Wots carrot "rind" i know what bacon rind is but.......

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Probably the substance carotene which has some remarkable properties.

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    I heard this on radio2 this morning. Two scientists (one called Hepworth) reckon they'll produce fly rods next month then snow boards and god knows what.

    Called it "Carron" or "Caron" fibre. Googled it but failed miserably!

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    oi get off leave me alone, i go an see me dad for his birthday an you lot start goin on about how to make rods out of me.

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    Cakey Guest


    if they made a rod out of you it would be limp !

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    Carrots don't make them rabbits limp cakey!

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    cue the frankie howard style howls of indignation.

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    Neil.....i reckon they will be out with the dates and it will just edge into April.....till midday on the first day of April in fact!

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    Clive Evans 1 Guest


    Jason, how is Father Ironfounders?

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