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    Over the last few weeks Andrew Wedgbury fisherman and part time reporter for the Midlands angler paper has not only set up a new site dedicated to minimalist angling but is going on his own personal quest to do a mini great rod race to raise money for the Birmingham Childrens Hospital that helped his son through some serious health problems .In a drive to do this useing his lifelong passon with fishing he has now set up the site dedicated to the minimal angler at,its only small at the moment but well worthy of our help as i know what a big hearted bunch us fishermen are i hope that you can see to at least giving it your support.i hope to be seeing some of you there soon
    yours hooktie(Iain)

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    Doh !****
    Sorry all there's just onr little thing i forgot and that's the address,so here it is .
    It's only small at the moment but with your help anythings possible.

    So if you think you carry far to much tackle you don't use ,like me when i go carping drop in and say HI ! to Wedge you might grt converted.

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