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    Ian Cloke Guest


    Is it feasible to catch every British freshwater species of fish, in twelve hours? Matt Hayes & Mick Brown took 30 days to catch the 31 recognised different species SPECIES & VENUES LIST, but I honestly think we (FM members) could do it in 12 hours. We have the advantage of local knowledge, and we are spread accross Britain (and the rest of the world;-)) so between us I reckon we can pull this off. What I NEED is your help I need some input, as to how many people we will need to succeed? What venues? What time of year? etc. etc.....

    This (if it takes off) could raise some cash for charity. The charity would be open to selection, by us, the Fishing Magic members. Also it might be a feather in anglings cap as a whole, as we will all need to unite and fish for one goal, as a team.

    If ANYONE has ANY suggestions/ideas, PLEASE put your comment below.

    Thanks, Ian.

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    are you including them ferrox and the other things that don't exist apart from rhumours in scottish lochs?

    like char

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    I will gladly snare a few stickies and minnows if they are included.

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    Ian Cloke Guest


    Captain, this is something that is open to debate mate, some people might know where to catch them??

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    all we need is 14000 people in scotland to catch them and leave the rest to mark wintle and andy nellist in dorset.

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    Dec 2002
    Azide the Stour


    One dubious one on the list is mirror and common carp = same species.

    In our FM race I had 19 counting species in freshwater plus loach. Didn't try for ide or koi, and spent half my time sea fishing. I was also at work for 5 days.

    As for 'every' species where do you draw the line? Their list is missing a few!

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    Cakey Guest


    lets go for it..............

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    Ian Cloke Guest


    Well should we draw up our own list then?? If so, what species should be on it? Should it be restricted to native British fish? Should it have more, or less species than the great rod race has?

    As I said before, it's all open to discussion;-))

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    Dec 2002
    Azide the Stour


    1. Trout
    2. Catfish (wels)
    3. Salmon
    4. Char
    5. Carp (mirror,common, wild = 1)
    6. Koi/ghost (=1)
    7. Ide/Orfe
    8. Grass carp
    9. Tench
    10. Rudd
    11. Crucian
    12. Gudgeon
    13. Dace
    14. Ruffe
    15. Stickleback
    16. Seatrout
    17. Rainbow trout
    18. Pike
    19. Chub
    20. Bleak
    21. Minnow
    22. Barbel
    23. Zander
    24. Grayling
    25. Bullhead
    26. Loach

    That's their "30"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    27. Brown goldfish
    28. Pumpkinseed
    29. Eel
    30. Silver bream
    31. Sun bleak
    32. Perch

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    Apr 2005


    Mark, should Sea Trout be in there? After all, it's freshwater fish? What's a Sun Bleak?

    How do you propose it works Ian?

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