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    Hello All, A have just read an article in the AT CARP magazine by Danny Fairbrass where he describes using Berkeley Powerbait artificial worms [not the bloodworms]as hook camouflage/line aligner.I thought these looked great for Perch fishing but cannot find them anywhere.Does anyone know a stockist???

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    Clive Evans 1 Guest

    Click here

    Dont know if they sell what you want Alan, but they are an agent for Berkeley, so should be able to help you.
    They also sell line at American prices, ie less than half English.

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    couldn't find the worms but great for line!!!!

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    I thought these looked great for Perch fishing.

    they aint bad at that.

    try ebay or cabelas and places like that they're american but good service.

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    thanks chaps have now found somewhere:
    will report back on how well the baits do!

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