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    I've met quite a few members of this site, from many different backgrounds, covering a wide range of ages and both sexes. It's stating the obvious but fishing in it's varied forms unites all of us.

    But why?

    Many have fished virtually all their lives. Some, like me, have returned after a long period away. What is it that "hooks" us into this sport, or is it a past-time, vocation, passion or addiction?

    I've had many hobbies and participated in many sports to quite a high level but none have "held me" like fishing. I find it difficult to explain to non-believers.

    Any ideas?

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    Neil, I have fished on and off since I was 11 years old, 44 years ago. There have been periods when I hardly fished, or thought about it, but once an angler always an angler. I have never packed in as such.
    Sometimes you lose a bit of interest and heart only for the spark to be rekindled-sometimes by a different style of fishing.
    There are various factors such as courting, raising a young family,and simply available time which all impinge upon one's leisure time.
    As a Football reporter for 30 years the game dominated my weekends, so angling became a solitary pastime for me midweek and thats when the slide in my angling fortunes happened.
    It is contact with other anglers which invigorates us and keeps us in touch with the sport.
    Not being of particularly athletic build ( a fat sod actually) angling was one sport where physical speed and strength mattered not. For once I was on a level playing field with the fast, thin and athletic.
    Like you Neil I cannot explain the draw of it, I am just totally in love with the whole experience, a sort of spiritual connection with nature that satisfies my hunting instinct! I hope to God the magic never wears off.

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    Neil,like Peter I have fished on and off in my case since I was 14. I have tried and enjoyed other sports but nothing has held my interest quite like fishing.

    Even now, there are times when if i am off fishing for a day or even a two day session the anticipation and excitement are still the same after 44 years.

    To be in the company of nature is a spiritual thing, the anticipation of what you may catch or not catch. To be by the lake or river and await the sun rise, have the time and space to free our minds.

    Your question deserves a better answer than mine, but one thing I do know, fishing has enriched my life.

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    Disappointing response Neil to a very good thread. Perhaps if you posed the question to some of our female contributors the thread would be overwhelmed with responses from the 'dogs on heat' brigade that stalk their every post!!!!

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    Les Clark Guest


    Goody has hit it on the head ,to see nature when it is The good ,Bad and the ugly and to be part of it is great .
    Put me on a building site for 8 hours in the freezing cold and i would jack it in ,put me by a lake or river for 8 hours fishing ,suberb !

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    trev matthews Guest


    To me it is a sense of belonging.

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    I've been fishing now for 35 years, I started at the tender age of 6. I haven't had a serious break from it in all those years, I've done all the sports, girls, cars and stuff and nothing has lead me astray. I've had some serious highs and lows though during that time! But nothing will ever stop me fishing. I can't explain it?

    When I got married I told my wife "I fish and you won't stop me, ok!" She accepted that, but didn't understand why, until recently. My wife Wendi has started coming fishing with me and loves it, especially pike fishing. She sat biteless for 8 hours the other (chubbing) and didn't want to go home when it started getting dark! I think it is the feeling of being part of nature, I'm not sure?

    But then there is the hunter that is in all of us, is it that? I don't know?

    But "we" love it!

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    EC Guest


    It's a hard question to answer Neil. It means different things to me at different times.

    Socially fishing sometimes allows me to get away with a few mates and meet new people. At other times it provides me with an excuse to literally get out of the house.

    Occasionally the challenge is the over riding factor, and I have to get out and target a certain species or succeed using a certain method.

    Then at other times I get the desire to go and sit out in the rain with my suit on and no brolly, or get down to the Mersey in winter and see the inky blackness of the sea.


    It took me about 35 minutes to come up with that, and I still haven't done the question any justice, or really fully explained, to myself at least, why I regularly travel 40+ miles one way just for a few hours by a lake!

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    Jeff ( Lucky ) Spiller Guest


    I don't think that there is one single answer to this question, but we all agree that fishing has magnetic like pull on us and I think the more you do it the more you want.
    Chris Yates is very good at putting this into words.

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    Dal (The merchant of Mennace & Don't mess with my bitch) Guest


    Neil, good thread mate.
    I started fishing with my Dad in the late 60's which was Eel fishing using a rudd "steak" on a plaice hook with Mk IV's. Laying all night on the damp grass watching the stars wrapped up in a parka coat, bliss! How can you explain to a non believer how good that is?
    I think it could be the "boy" in us.
    My last club season was in 1978 when booze and birds came onto the scene and money was short, well something had to go, but after a divorce (brilliant) I was back at it big time, I thought why did I ever stop?
    Basically now I'm just a "pleasure angler" but whilst I'm sitting there waiting for the buzzer to let rip I drift away watching the shoals of rudd and roach fry or the kingfishers. Aint nature wonderfull!
    Thats why I go...

    P.S. Sorry to ramble on.

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