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Thread: Des Taylor

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Anyone else feel cheated by big Des and A.T. a few weeks ago they went on about this secret mix which was helping get the fish going (sound familiar?) then we were told I'll reveal the stuff next no you didn't Des. Then the following week we are told what the concoction was a secret blend of ingredients which produce a brown gunge and smells of lots of stuff...ah now I see...cheers Des And A.T. I'll rush out an get what's the actual name again...oh yes "The Edge". Wonder who makes it and how much this new wonder bait will cost, if you had told us I'd have asked Santa for a ton.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Theres a lot of what Des writes that is bo....well lets say i don't agree with it ;o) but in this case i don't think he actually said he would reveal it the following week......if i remember he said he would reveal it and he has, but to be honest his supplier has just found a decent fish attractor, it will blow either sooner or later depending on it's food value and how much it is least Des has said where it can be purchased (SBS) imay not have IF it was that good ;o)

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    Alan Roe Guest


    I suppose with the name of his new employers it would now have to be renamed
    Badgers Ar**!

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    lol. I couldn't think of a "Badger" one liner to put in the post but I did try.

    It's meant to cost 3 times the price of other aditives...I'll wait untill it's not as devastating at creating a fishy cauldren then get some cheap. ;o}~

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    Evan Hartshorne Guest


    i think the secret atractant is the all the **** that come's out of taylors mouth and his other orrifaces

    Instead of just deleting it I've left the above comment in as an example of what we don't do on FISHINGmagic.

    Constructive criticism is fine but personal abuse is not on.

    Everybody has a right to either like or dislike somebody on the basis of what they write. But don't just call them schoolboy names or toss insults around. By all means say that you don't like them, but do it constructively and at least tell us why you don't like them, or why you disagree with what they've written.

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    Terry Mann Guest


    I think your being very hard on poor old Desmond.I,m sure he will sell loads of this super additive and make loads of money so that he can continue treating us mere mortals to smiling pictures of him big game fishing in far away places. "Yes I jealous"

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    Paul Williams Guest


    You lot are wicked!!!! but i like you!

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    It's not difficult to understand why anglers get angry about Des Taylor's column, he is absolutely reviled by pike anglers for his views on summer piking, fly fishing for pike and almost anything else that he can think of to
    a) be as controversial as possible
    b) sell as many Angling Times as possible

    In many ways he's the anti-anglers best friend. Who knows perhaps he's working undercover for PETA

    So far as his ramblings in AT are concerned, value and truth are usually out of the window, since his views on piking are not from the mouth of a noted pike angler and are largely unsubstantiated by the general experience of the pike angling population and in many cases what he advises us all to do are in sharp contrast to what he has been seen to do in his somewhat over-rated videos.
    The answer to Des Taylor is not to complain on forums or even AT, nor is it to use 'schoolboy names' The answer is

    a) ignore it. When you are making a living from being controversial, then being igonored is the worse thing that can happen
    b) vote with your pocket. Stop buying Angling Times. You'd be surprised how even a slight drop in circulation can be an
    editorial wake up call.

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    That's exactly the well-balanced, constructive criticism I'm talking about four postings previously Gerry. I don't necessarily agree with what you've said, but you've criticised Des constructively and in a proper manner.

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    Barry Kneller Guest


    I was very tempted to reply in a similar vein to Evan, but I think that Gerry has just about said it all. I stopped (regularly)buying Anglers Mail mail years ago but still get AT every week, my old man bought me the very first issue way back in the 50's & I've purchased it ever since but when RW died, a large part of the paper died with him & the of the many people who have tried to emulate him DT is probably the worse. We need a new giant in the Angling world Who is not just in it for the money & the overseas jollies - I'll cast my vote for Jim Gibbinson - How about it Jim?

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