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    No. Not a bowfish. This is south bay bessie. Evidence? How about the attack that KILLED like 3 people- creature with car-sized head and long neck, brown, guess what- BESSIE!

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    EC Guest


    Great story!

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    my little south bay bessie

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    south bay bessie is the real thing ive seen it lived near the lake my entire live and seen it more then once.

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    Could anyone explain a bit more, I'm a bit lost?!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Christian,it's a Canadian Nessie!

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    Cheers Fred, I missed the link at the top!

    Oops, no link at the top although if you find the article on FM is has a link to this.

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    champlion lake monster is kinda like the and why dosn't someone try to catch it

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    The Monk Guest


    I`m a great fan of lake monsters, you really can`t have enough of them. The Lakes in the US are gigantic, you really need to see those things, they were however very heavily polluted at one point

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    What they call a 'pond' over there is as big as our gravel pits

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