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    It's always more interesting if we know something about the people we chat to on the forum, and if we can put a face to the name it's even better.

    So all you shrinking violets who don't have a 'My Face' picture, why don't you submit one? If you can't manage it yourself for some reason by clicking on the 'My Face' link on the left then just send it to me <a>graham</a> and I'll do the rest.

    And please, anyone who hasn't already done so, submit some details about yourself through the links on the left under the heading 'FISHINGmagic Member'.

    Then if anyone wants to know something about you all they have to do is click on your name at the head of every message you post to this forum. It's as simple as that.

    What they're asking for on other websites is already here on FM, but the facility is no good if you choose not to fill in the details about yourself. Click on my name at the head of this message and you'll see the kind of thing you can enter.

    So come on, don't be shy. After all, if an ugly old git like me can have a picture of himself and a few details, anybody can!

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    Steve Burke Guest


    Is everyone shy? Hopefully, if someone starts the ball rolling others will follow. So here goes....

    I'm 49 and semi-retired due to ill health. However for the last 8 years I've had my own gravel pit complex at Wingham in Kent, where I run a number of syndicates both for carp and general specimen hunting.

    I'm an allround specimen hunter, fishing for a variety of coarse species plus mullet, although I no longer fly fish. The majority of my fishing in winter is for perch, which I've caught up to 4lbs 8ozs from stillwaters and 4lb 5ozs from rivers.

    I do a lot of writing and am currently working on 2 new books, one being about Wingham, the other being a follow-up to "The Book of The Perch".

    I was one of the founders of the Perchfishers and edited the club's magazine for many years, although I'm no longer a member. I also spent several years editing the Chub Study's Group's magazine, and have written chapters in various books on a variety of different topics.

    Other organisations I currently belong to include the Lure Angler's Society, the National Mullet Club & the new Specialist Angler's Alliance. I've also supported the ACA for a great many years, and all the profits on The Book of the Perch went to this worthy cause.

    I've also recently had my arm twisted to come out of retirement to help design the successors to my Orbiter rods amongst others. These will be launched shortly and I think will be sold almost entirely on the internet to keep prices down.

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    hello everyone

    im 16 years old about to start trainning in the army on sunday.

    ive been fishing since i was 6 my dad and my brother got fishing when they get the chance. i can only go fishing if i get a lift or i stay at my aunties house she only lives about 200 meters from the river tees.

    i started lure fishing last summer my bigest pike is 10lb on the dot. and mybe if i get time il take up fly fishing for them.

    when im not fishing (most of the time) i like to go mountain bikeing, walking the dog, bmx and the gym 2 hours everyday.

    i hope ive not bored you to silly.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I think you've missed the point.
    You should add your details to your profile, so that when people click on your name they can see something about you.

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