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    Michael Hall Guest


    I as some of you may already know am 15 years of age. I have been fishing since the age of eight. I have been constantly going to fish in some of the worse weather conditions I can think of. I have also in the last two to three years started to socialise more with other anglers around the UK, Irland as well as around the world! But one of my ambistions is to become the next Will Raison, and one thing i dont want to do with my life and fishing career is to not try to get to this level. I would like to think that I have tryed to reach this level instead of it drifting passed my reach! So does anyone have any ideas on the steps I need to take in the close coming future? I would appreciate any ideas or comments and even your attempts and lessons in you fishing career as well as do's and dont's.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Michael, ambition is good, but never lose sight of the fact that angling is there to be enjoyed. If one doesn't enjoy it, you could be Will Raison, Matt Hayes and Bob Nudd rolled into one, but what's the point?

    Although we use the word 'career' when we talk about our angling development, in reality, if we wanted to examine the termininology, actually it's a mis-used word.

    A career is something that we pursue as a means of employment and therefore making money. The truth is, that there are very few who make a good living from angling.

    I'm not trying to dampen your enthusiasm, but don't give up on the School studies just yet.

    For much of my School days, I dreamed of playing professional football for Leeds. But just in case I didn't make it, I got down to doing my O levels....

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Michael, instead of Will Raison, why not be the next Graham Marsden?

    Then you'll make loads of money. Not 'cus you necessarily earn that much more, but because you get everyone else to buy your drinks for you.....

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    When i reached my late twenties i decided on a change of career.I studied fisherise management and tuitiuon,also land and wild life management.My intentions were to create a commercial fishery set in a rich wild life habitat of lakes,woods grass land etc,yet provide facilities for anglers needs and those needs of the wild life.
    I nearley did it too,right up to the line,then developers with obscene amounts of money jumped in.

    Set yourself up with the knowledge and skills for life in general First.
    Bide your time and use that time well to find in what side of angling you wish to set your may find a market for some thing or meet someone who can set you in the right direction.Remember,fishing costs money,so dose your daily life.
    If some time you find the break you need to get an angling career ,then good luck,its hard work.
    If not then you have the skills and knowledge to continue in what ever other career you may have,and you can still enjoy your fishing,As i still do.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Personally, i think it's a bloody shame that anyone wants to be the next anyone...why not the first yourself???
    Angling seems to be attracting "i wanna be famous" attitudes nowadays rather than people who can just enjoy the pasttime for what it is......fame is easy, respect? now theres something else.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Paul, agree with you totally, just tried to say it in a bit more of a diplomatic tone.....

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    Michael Hall Guest


    I agree with you paul but I dont really want to be 'famous' but want to do something with fishing such as promoting it and so on, It would be nice to be a World Champ and all but realisticly its all a dream. I dont neciserily want to be Will Raison but follow his foot steps and achevments I mainly used him as a comparison! However like Ashe Hurst said A fishery would be a dream come true for me! I want to carry on at school and I would not let my school work be effected by fishing so I would attempt after school! I do still enjoy fishing as a pasttime however I would like to take it further just like for example a tennis player can play tennis as a sport and a hobby! I have obviously got you understanding me on the wrong side of the stick! But the is nothing wrong with setting a goal for myself and my future! My dad wants to own a fishery but I guess like Ashe said someone else will just jump in with more money! Even a tackle shop would be a dream come true for me!!
    As for respect I agree and that takes time! But We'll see want happens after school!
    But paul look at John Wilson he still fishes for a hobby still!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    We all dream of a fishery of our own pal and myself have been chatting about just that today on our drive back from the Wye......we have talked about it for almost 30years, if you get yours first don't forget my invite will you?...good luck.

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