<u>Semi Fixed or running Rig.
I just posted this elsewhere and thought it worth sharing.

If you want to make the rig semi fixed, and do away with all the bits and bobs or sliding stop knots try this-:

Take a rubber bead and push a fine sewing needle through it opposite to where the holes that are already in it are.

Thread the bead on your line first. You will find that the bead is a nice tight fit and requires no float stops to keep it in place. You can then move the bead to where ever you want it and it wont slip.

Follow with the lead.

Then another bead and the swivel and hooklength.

Put the lead on the line first folowed by the doctored bead. Again it is then possible to move the bead without it slipping, yet it is easy enough for a fish to pull free should you snap above the bead.