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Thread: knives

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    I need some one to clarify the knife laws to me. Is it illegal to carry a lock knife with a blade no longer than 4". A friend of mine saw my lock knife the other day when i lent somebody it in the pub to cut some some string on a box. He said that i could get done for carrying said implement.
    I honestly have never given it a thought; it is in my old jacket which i tat around in, i use it for fishing and also take it to work. Can one of you sages please enlighten me before i am cuffed and taken away never to fish again!!

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I have a Kershaw 3 1/2" lock blade knife. It's completely legal, I checked it out with the cops.

    I think 4 inches is the limit.

    Lock blades are much safer of course and will not fold in on you when you are working.

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    Shaun, Ron is right on the limit and it being legal to carry, but you have to have a reason for carrying it.

    i carry one for work, cutting cardboard up.
    i carry one for fishing for cutting line and bait, i also carry a 12inch filliting knife on the beach to clean fish, its kept hidden in my tackle box and dosnt come out if people are around.

    in both instances it is legal to carry a knife.

    going to the pub, shops, nightclubs, you have no "legal" reason to carry a knife and the police can/will charge you for it.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I think you might find it illegal.

    I'll check with my constable friend later and come back, but he has told me before that all lock-knives are illegal. Alan is also right in that for any knife you must have a reason for carrying it.

    I agree with Ron though, they are the safest especially when you want to cut luncheon meat with the back edge.

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    Scott Whatmore Guest


    Shaun, try googling 'knife laws'. These are 2 items I came up with in seconds. Better safe than sorry mate.

    'The Criminal Justice Act (1988) says that you may carry a knife with a blade length of 3.0" or less so long as it is capable of folding. That means no fixed blade knives. But use your loaf - a knife has no place at a football match, in a pub, nightclub or school and becomes an offensive weapon in these circumstances in just the same way as a screwdriver, or any other innanimate tool.'

    'You may carry a larger cutting tool if it is associated with your work (for instance a chef may carry a 9.0" butchers knife roll to and from work), or if it is associated with your sport, (for instance a fisherman may carry a 6.0" fillet knife, or a hunter may carry a 4.0" fixed blade hunting knife).'

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    As long as you don't carry such a knife in public without a reason for doing so you can own a lock blade.

    I would never carry a folding blade knife without a lock on it, they are too bluudy dangerous without a locking facility.

    Can't understand why a lock bladed knife is illegal, if I wanted to do someone harm with a knife I would carry a 6 inch stilletto.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Yes sorry Ron.

    Clarify - it's not illegal to own them, but it is to carry them especially if you have no substantial reason to posess one.

    I'd assumed that we were just talking about carrying them. Goodness me, I have a katana sword here that would definitely be illegal to carry around, but I can own one.

    If I wanted to do anyone harm I'd carry a filleting knife. Never forget that scene from Marathon Man where Schell slit open the guts of that US spy. Urghh!

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    Their must be a lot of people breaking the law then, i mentioned this topic to a friend who owns a webley lock knife like mine and he reckoned that when he purchased his knife from the army and navy stores in Wolves , the shop owner commented on how this particular knife was his best seller, and that he sold at least three or four a week. Surely these people who bought this item are not going to leave it in the house to look at. I must admit on reflection it was foolish of me to have taken it out in the pub , but i honestly thought nothing of having it in my pocket. It will remain in the tackle box from now on.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    I always carry my lockblade Kershaw when I go fishing. I use it for cleaning trout, cutting up luncheon meat and any other little jobs when I am camping or bivvying.

    I decent knife has often been a life saver to people who have been cut off from civilisation on occasions. Ray Mears would not survive without a good knife.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    There was a young girl at a swimming baths got her hair caught in the intake of a jacuzzi. She was at risk of drowning until another swimmer grabbed a sharp knife from the restaurant and cut through her hair. That was maybe 12 years ago, 12 years she wouldn't have otherwise seen.

    Like many things, guns included, it's not the instrument that's dangerous, but the user.

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